Music Manager and Publicist Louise Crouse shared her TOP 3 Music Choices for Lockdown.

1.Tasché – Acoustic Sessions

“This refuses to be background music although it’s an acoustic album. It’s Tasché’s voice and presence – she pulls you in with her world-class voice and keeps you there. Richard Onraet (Francois van Coke & Die Gevaar) featuring on Pyro is a pleasant surprise. Really really love this album.”

2. The Strokes – The New Abnormal

“It’s one of those bands you always hear your people talk about, but I never really listened to them. During lockdown, I saw people on social media talking about their new release. So, I clicked, like their vibe and now I’m hooked!”

3. Nina Simone

“I fell in love with Nina Simone when I was 16 and it’s been a lifelong affair, so naturally she has to do lockdown with me. She is there for every mood.”