Publicist Ice Carstens shares her TOP 3 Music Choices for Lockdown.

“I love getting lost in the macabre of certain songs, they transport me to mystery, creativity, nostalgia and a pang of an emotion I can’t describe. So I have chosen the following 3 songs that keeps me company when I work late at night.”

1. Marlon Williams – Stranger Things

“This song makes me wonder intensely what the song is about, besides the obvious (‘I hear strange things creeping in at night / I have strange dreams in the bed where Lucy died’). That is the mystery of music, and it’s often up to our imagination to fill in the unspoken. Recommend noise-cancelling headphones and the rest of his music.”

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2. Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker

“‘You Want It Darker’ should play at the end of a Quentin Tarantino movie; zombie apocalypse also applicable.”

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3. Clayton Human – Witches

“Who would I be if I didn’t choose a local song? I saw Clayton Human for the first time at Endless Daze Festival and I was transfixed. What can I say, this song makes me feel things.”

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