David ‘Devo’ Oosthuizen, owner of Devographic Music Media, PR, Events & Artist Management Agency shares his TOP 3 Music Choices for Lockdown.

1) AGRO – ‘The Bitter End’

“These veterans of SA Metal are back (with an album years in the making). Yep, we almost though we would never see this one, but alas, it was unleashed last Friday and it is so so so good! Well done lads – I have this one repeat!”

2) Robyn Ferguson – ‘Falling Forward’

“Her follow-up to “ALIZARIN” comes a mere year later and it is pure perfection. Each song evokes a range of emotions and the level of skill demands respect (not to mention showcase why she is a Prog Rock Prodigy). Songs like Gravity and Cloud form the perfect soundtrack to a productive day, juxtaposed with a song like Petrichor (meaning “the smell of rain”) that calms the mind down to a tranquil relaxed pace. Take a listen for yourself why this EP is getting such global praise! When you also realise the personal health challenges she had to overcome (and still battles), it makes this EP further tower as a testament to the indomitable spirit that inspires to overcome any obstacle!”

3) Zebra – ‘Self-titled debut EP’

“These Pretoria boys produced a killer EP that caters for everyone! It is just such lekke listening music and catchy as heck (just listen to JD or Mexico, and you will find it stuck in your head for day – you will be humming it all the time)!”

4) “I know you said top 3, but I had to sneak in an honourable mention for the new Paradise Lost “Obsidian”. OMG, they managed to create the perfect album; a mammoth masterpiece with influences spanning their entire 3 decade career! Every song is sheer perfection with production to die for – these lads just had to demonstrate why they are founding fathers of the genre and relevant and potent as ever!”