London based, post-metal/post-prog rock band Sümer formed in 2010 and consists of Tim Bonney (Vox/guitars), Ian Hill (vox/guitars), Jim Hall (guitars), Jake Archer (bass) and Toby Bonney (drums).

Their debut album, The Animal You Are, (engineered and produced by Sean Douglas and mastered by Justin Paul Hill) was nominated in the 2015 Orange Amplification Progressive Music Awards for Best Newcomer.

They have toured with so many great bands and have achieved so much, including Winners of the Hard Rock Rising UK Awards in 2012 and were Finalists in the Bloodstock Metal To The Masses London 2014.

The band is now coming to South Africa as the support act for Jinjer in May.

You guys have been around for a long time. Why has it taken so long to write a second album, since the last release of your first album?
Tim Bonney:
“All good things take time. We won’t ever put anything out that doesn’t excite us to play, because of that we’ve been holding off. We don’t have a label to pressure our output, so we take our time because we can. Music not glory!”

Are you able to give us a taste the new material at all?
“We’ll be unveiling a few of our new tracks in the shows with Jinjer, so you’ll need to wait for May to come around. Beyond that, we’re aiming to pretty much get into the studio once we’re back in the UK.”

You have such an impressive resumé and have shared a stage with top bands – is there a moment that stands out for you; it could be a pivotal moment, a funny moment,…?
“Thanks for saying so, it feels funny to look at it like that. We’ve been extremely lucky to be helped out by some awesome people over the years. I’d have to say that a key moment was at the UK’s Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2016 playing to around 5000 people in a packed Sophie Stage tent. There have been various ‘pinch me’ moments over the years, like being nominated in the Prog Magazine awards, but Bloodstock was a pretty special and emotional one.”

If someone came up to you and said that they had never heard of you – which one song of yours would you play for them and why? (which song of yours defines SÜMER?)
“First off I’d say our track “Pinch, Cut”, very much the whirlwind Sümer tour and broad swathes of our sound condensed into a focused 4 minutes. Then if you’re still with us, dive into “The End of Sense”, this has been a staple set closer for the last few years, despite having a bunch of new tracks, nothing’s come close to feeling as being as heavy-as-fuck and cathartic than that track as a closer.”

You will be touring with Jinjer – how did this opportunity come about?
“Last summer we toured with your fellow South African’s in Deity’s Muse. They’re an awesome bunch of dudes, their manager, Duncan runs Turning Tricks Entertainment and Krank’d Up Festival; he invited us over. Which is obviously mega.”

Will this be your first time in South Africa? What are you looking forward to the most?
“The shows with Jinjer are going to be awesome, but aside from that we can’t wait to get out into the countryside, check out the sites, drag our asses up Table Mountain, maybe even get some mountain biking in and most definitely sample many of the wines. Perhaps all of them, and possibly not so little as to be classed a sample. We like to keep it classy.”

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