The Centre for the Less Good Idea presents A Kafka Moment – a mini season of select Franz Kafka works that have been created in or performed at The Centre; Odradek, adapted from the The Cares of a Family Man, A Common Confusion, a group of friends attempt to puzzle out the life and writings of Franz Kafka through short, playful sketches. A Hunger Artist Hunger, takes its lead from Franz Kafka’s short story by the same name and employs live recital, performance, and music as a means of further exploring the author’s text through the realms of the stage. and Kafka’s Ape adapted from A Report to an Academy.

Franz Kafka is a wordsmith of existential anxiety and paranoia, with comical grotesque, chimeric, surreal modulation, bleak bluntness and frighteningly prophetic eye on the troubles of our time.
The public programme will take place over two evenings on 22 & 23 April 2021 with a unique programme of events on each evening.

The 2-night mini season has 2 unique Programmes, including on the first night un- der SO | the Academy for the Less Good Idea, an In Conversation with William Kentridge, Jane Taylor, Phala Ookeditse Phala, and Tony Miyambo. The con- versation will reflect on working with Kafka texts, absurdism, the macabre objectivi- ty of his prose and his icy dance with other-ness in a moral vacuum.
The mini-season leverages off of an invitation of Kafka’s Ape by the University of Toronto, Canada and the University of Western Cape, South Africa. A private inter- continental conversation on 20 & 21 April will engage students in Johannesburg and the aforementioned universities as part of the Season programme.

Performers include: Ameera Patel, Tony Miyambo, Antony Coleman, Sue Pam- Grant, Kevin Smith, Michael Mazibuko and Dan Selsick

Booking for the events is mandatory and due to strict Covid-19 restrictions, our capacity is limited, however audiences in South Africa and abroad are also invited to join the audience via the Centre’s stream-ing platforms on YouTube.
Programme 1 | 22 April 2021
Odradek (2nd Space) | 18h30 & 18h50
Kafka’s Ape (WK STUDIO) | 19h15
In Conversation on Franz Kafka (WK STUDIO) | 20h00
All Programme 1 events can be accessed for an evening pass of R 120.
Programme 2 | 23 April 2021
Odradek (2nd Space) | 18h30 & 18h50 Triple Bill (WK STUDIO)
Hunger Artist | 19h15
A Common Confusion | 19h30
Kafka’s Ape | 20h00
All Programme 2 events can be accessed for an evening pass for R 120.

Streamed event will be available to view for free online via the Centre’s YouTube channel at no extra cost.
Booking to attend the event in person is mandatory. Capacity is limited due to Covid-19 protocols. Regrettably, no wheelchair access is available at the venue as yet.