It’s not easy being a single, middle-aged woman – especially after a messy divorce. There are the expectations from your friends and the pressures from society to consider. You are either married at this age, or you conduct yourself in a “respectable” manner.unnamed-1

But Violet has never fitted into a box and in Love Me Tinder – Violet Online Rebooted, currently on at the Alexander Bar and Theatre Café, this beloved character stays true to herself.

After a previously sold-out run, Lynita Crofford reinvigorates the charismatic Violet and tackles topics such as love, sex, Tinder, texting and Botox. This one-person show is basically a slice of life of a woman who loves life, but also faces her struggles head-on.

In the marketing material her character is portrayed to be a “single, sassy and super confident” woman.

Crofford is a perfect fit for the role and fits the description. Her interpretation of the text was brilliant and the range of emotions and movements added different dimensions to the play. She utilised the space and with very little props created an intimate space. She looked at ease and one felt part of the “conversation” – just like a lekker gossiping session at the end of a tough week.

Whilst her portrayal of the character is spot-on, her voice is, however, a bit monotone, and at times her projection could have been better. Her body and emotions reflect the madness and drama-filled life of Violet, but technically her voice (and as a result her energy levels) needs some work to reflect this sentiment.

Despite these minute shortcomings, you can’t help but be swept up into the life of Violet. It’s a pure delight with lots of laughter. Crafford’s comic timing is perfect and she breaks down stereotypes about single women.

By Joshua Carstens


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