Pierre Greeff and Alwyn Kotzé have been making music together fro more than a decade with their project, Lukraaketaar.
After a long hiatus (since 2008), they have just released two new songs entitled “Verrinneweer” and “Hou My”.

Why has it taken you so long to release new music?
“Life happened, there was some free time and songs that needed to find ears and here we are.”

Of course, you both have grown, changed, etc, over the years – explain how the song writing has changed, if it has at all?
“Same as always: we each brought in a song and we arranged them together.”

“Tell me about “Verrinneweer” and “Hou My”; what inspired these two tracks, what are they about, etc?
“Verrinneweer was a song inspired by the duality we face everyday in life. Hou My sounds like a love song but its not quite that…lets leave it up to the listeners interpretation.”

What else inspires your writing and what messages would you like to give your fans and new fans with your songs?
“Music has always been a cathartic process for me and in this for my other band that is still the main purpose. I think the only message is, if you have a song or just something to say rather say it, than stay quite you will always be better off on the other side.”

You have been around for a while – is there any one moment that stands out for you at all; a pivotal moment, a funny moment… in your careers as musicians?
“Driving to Johannesburg three times in one year in my mom’s golf before flights were cheap…we have a beautiful country; get in the car and go see it.”

Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with at all and why?
“I think to do something with the Coleske brothers, singing harmony with us would be blerrie classic.”

If you were trapped on a desert island and could only take one album with you – what would it be and why?
“That must be Fleetwood Mac – Rumours; it’s just perfection and never gets old. A true classic.”

Plans going forward etc?
“Maybe a show or two later in the year maybe more tunes… who knows at this stage. We are just grateful to be able to give you our 2 new songs!”

“Verrinneweer” an “Hou My” can be downloaded on: www.smarturl.it/lukraak 

Listen to the tracks on Youtube:


Hou My: