Musician Pedro Barbosa was born in Maputo, and discovered his love for music at an early age. He only realised that he could turn this love into a career when he was 20 years old, when he left his studies of Pharmacy and Marine Biology to follow his passion.

He obtained a National Diploma in Jazz, Performance and Sound Technology, and soon after went to Los Angeles where he studied Songwriting and Production at the well-known Musicians Institute.

Barbosa has recently released his brand new EP called Lock Me Down, which was written and recorded over the course of three months, mainly during the South African Lockdown between April and June 2020.

The Latin Song was written and recorded in 2018, and features The Barbosa Experience. Similar to his REBORN album, as well as JOURNEY TO REBORN EP, his new EP was also produced by MARK BELING. The EP also features a remix of CRAZY LOVE IS done by Hugo Villanova, a DJ from Portugal.

It was quite brave of you to leave a potentially more stable career in Pharmacy and Marine Biology to pursue a career in music. Why was it so important to you to pursue a music career?
“The passion for sure! Also there is a feeling you get from being on stage; you can’t get it anywhere else. And to be able to write a song and hear how people relate to it, is a very comforting and amazing feeling. I think all these were the main reason to pursue a career in music.”

Well done on the new EP. It is quite a mixture of sounds. Half of the songs feel like it’s Pedro live and then the rest of the songs, are following on from your more adult contemporary sound (following your last EP). Explain the concept and inspiration behind the new EP?
“Well, this one didn’t really have a concept like the previous two albums. I initially was gonna record 3 songs and ended up being busy with the EP during Lockdown and it ended up on 7 songs. But the EP lands on a very tough part of my life with me dealing with loss and grieve on some bad decisions, and reflecting on life. So in general, I think that is the reason for the up and down vibe.”

You seem to bring your Portuguese roots into your music and have collaborated with many Latino producers/musicians on various songs. Tell me about Latin Song? What’s it about? Why have you added it to the repertoire on your EP?
“The Latin Song was recorded with my other project, The Barbosa Experience in 2018 but we never released it. I spoke to the guys and said the song must come out, it’s time, and as the band isn’t releasing anything, why not incorporate into the EP? The story behind the song lyrically fits into the EP so we did it 🙂 It talks about being in a crossroads and telling someone that no matter what, you will always be there for them.”

Do you have a favourite song on the EP and why?
“The Voice. I think the way the song came to me, was a very interesting and almost magical in a way; a bit surreal so I hold that song dearly. It felt to me like a message from someone. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t – but I feel very strongly about it.”

The Lock Me Down video is so much fun – tell me about; what sparked the idea, etc?
“Lock Me Down is the idea of being with someone and not giving everything into the relationship. The first verse introduces the issues and the second verse talks about the change – it’s more positive. So it’s about asking a partner to give me more in a relationship, but I didn’t want it to be serious so the fun aspect of the song makes it a lighter offering.”

Who else would you like to collaborate with musically?
“Well, me and Mark Belling started working on a song but we haven’t finished it yet. Was supposed to be on this EP but we decided to take our time. I would love to work with Andra one day. It also was a big dream of mine to work with Johnny Clegg, unfortunately that wont happen anymore. I am working with a DJ in Portugal in a more organic 80’s DJ themed project, but we are taking it slow.”

Congratulations on your Songwriting win. What advice would you give to songwriters; what makes one song better than another?
“Thank you. And wow that is a tough question, but I think honesty and expression. Those are the main factors, don’t be false. A song needs to flow through you for someone else to absorb and feel it.”

Which song of yours, spanning your full career (band and solo work), do you feel best describes/ represents Pedro musically and why?
“You have some tough questions here… Hehehe… I change styles and moods so often, it’s hard to choose one song. But its all about heart for me, so if you are asking my favourite song, I think I’m still gonna write it. I’m not there yet 🙂 I don’t think I’m finished yet…”

LOCK ME DOWN, the EP is available here:

Watch the video here: