Interview by Daniel Sun.

Cape Town’s hardcore outfit Peasant are one of those bands that have been around for what seems like forever and whenever they make a noise, it’s on a huge scale. Daniel Sun caught up with their guitarist, Pieter Jordaan, from the band to speak about their DIY ethics, their recent European trip and their upcoming tour up north to Gauteng to perform at the Brochella Halloween Infestation at Rumours Rock City Westgate.

It has been a rather hectic year for Peasant having toured Europe and releasing an album. What has been the secret to your success in achieving so much in such a short space of time?
“We’ve always wanted to do those things, it just took alot of time and planning, probably about a year and a half. Having solidified our most recent lineup, all we wanted to do was tour and release a record to go along with it, so we just stuck to the plan really.”

Fans in Gauteng have been yearning for the band to come up and perform for them. What do you hope they walk away from at each show you have planned?
“Well it’ll be our first time up as the new 5 piece, and I think most people would agree that our new direction and live show is a step up from what we’ve done before. Hopefully people walk away with a memorable show and a couple records.”

The band has had a few line up changes over the years. How did that influence the band in terms of writing and performances?
“For the most part I’ve written all the music for Peasant, so our songwriting hasn’t changed that much yet. We are working on some new material at the moment and Immanuel and I are writing together which is providing some exciting results which is cool. In terms of the live show I’d say having Adri as our new vocalist means we’re getting a level of crowd interaction that we haven’t seen before, so we’re keen to see how the Gauteng and Durban crowds take to the show.”

Peasant has an old school DIY approach to everything from performing to handling your own tours. Do you think this sense in new bands has been lost over the years in the scene?
“In a broad sense I guess so. There are alot of Cape Town bands from the garage/psych scene that are still working hard to put together DIY tours which is cool to see [The Valley, Runaway Nuns, Yndian Mynah] but I think most metal/hardcore bands are pretty lazy when it comes to putting tours together. I think there is an attitude of waiting on bigger promoters to add bands to bills and then waiting on the next opportunity to come along. If DIY bands/promoters/venues don’t constantly work together to create a viable touring circuit for underground bands that pull an audience to a show, then most bigger promoters won’t notice you anyway, so its really up to the bands to make it happen and keep things sustainable.”

What will Peasant be dressing up as at the Brochella Halloween Infestation?
“At this point we’re trying to keep it a secret, but let’s just say we’re “Gonna turn pollution down to zero”.”

Which bands in Gauteng are you most excited to perform alongside with?
“We love our dudes in Weed Dealer. They’re old mates of ours with whom we’ve shared multiple bands and tours in the past. Personally I’m very keen to see The Klubs again from Pretoria. They’re a killer 3 piece with a bit of a post punk thing going on. Both bands are on Spotify, check ’em out.”

‘Unrest Eternal’ is a blistering experience from start to finish and the release strategy was very on point. What has been the biggest learning curve for the band around the release of your first full-length album?
“I think overall it was hard work as we pretty much expected. Every recording process has a couple hiccups which I think is a natural part of the process. It would be wrong if everything went easy. In terms of learning curve’s I’d definitely say I learnt alot about trying to promote the record in a DIY sense for both local and international audiences. We made some progress in this regard but its pretty tough to see how alot of sites/magazines/labels are only really concerned with promoting bigger bands or existing content for the sake of getting more clicks on their links. There is a real lack of coverage of new music by most heavy publications [unless its somehow paid for] which I think is pretty sad. We’ll just keep doing our thing and hopefully in the future it gets easier.”

Tell us your favourite story from the road on tour in Europe.
“There are too many! Post show raves, getting stuck in forests on the way to a show, punk squat living, it all happened. If anyone wants to check out our tour video for the full scoop they can view it here –

Any shout outs?
“High fives to our dude Wentzel from Roastin’ Records for putting out our record, check out for the full catalogue. And mega thanks to Mike Pocock for helping put these upcoming shows together.”

Peasant will be performing alongside Hellcats, Shutup! It’s Sunday, Weed Dealer, Dirty Moonshine, Go The Rodeo, Far From Who We Are, Go The Rodeo, Koedoe and Slippery When Wet at the new Rumours Rock City Westgate at the Brochella Halloween Infestation on Saturday 2 November.

They will also be performing in Pretoria on 31 October, Sundowners Alberton on 1 November and the Winston Pub in Durban on 3 November.