Actress, writer and publicist Julie-Anne McDowell Hegarty has teamed up with former Managing Director of The Fugard Theatre and renowned producer and lighting designer Daniel Galloway to launch a new production company, HOW NOW BROWN COW.

How Now Brown Cow Productions is a professional theatre producing company, based in South Africa, committed to presenting a range of world-class productions which aims to commission, enable and empower South African theatre practitioners.

How Now Brown Cow Productions will create a platform to present a mix of well-known local and international texts, new cutting-edge contemporary plays from around the globe, as well as commissioning new works by gifted South African and international playwrights.

How Now Brown Cow Productions is founded by Julie-Anne McDowell Hegarty. Daniel Galloway, former Managing Director and Producer of The Fugard Theatre, acts as General Manager and Associate Producer alongside Julie-Anne.

“I was in something of a daze on the afternoon on which I announced my stepping away from The Fugard Theatre after almost 10 years at the helm. My phone rang and on the other end, to my great delight, was Julie-Anne. I was immediately taken by her focussed passion and vision for the performing arts in South Africa, and I did not need to think twice before agreeing to join her on her quest. I am thrilled to be a part of something as exciting as this in a time which is deeply challenging to all of us in the arts in South Africa – we all need something to look forward to, and be hopeful for. My mission is to make How Now Brown Cow, alongside Julie-Anne, a meaningful employer of South African theatre makers and a creator of excellent theatrical work in our country,” says Daniel Galloway.

The first slate of new works, which have been licensed and commissioned by How Now Brown Cow, will roll out on to stages in South Africa in 2021. These will be announced soon.

“The goal originally was to create work for myself as an actress and make the kind of theatre that I would want to watch. However, during lockdown and subsequently, my vision is to play a small but significant role in safeguarding our local theatre industry, keeping it relevant and nurturing South African artistry. The ambition is to produce quality work here in South Africa that can travel, so that, not only can we South Africans enjoy international productions, but that our South African talent can be appreciated overseas,”says Julie-Anne McDowell Hegarty.

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