From the intense opening line of Tatum’s debut single “Broken” the 18-year-old singer immediately throws down the gauntlet and you feel it instantly.
Her voice smacks of the languid romanticism of Lana Del Rey and the moody phrasing of Lorde, and it’s steeped in dream pop lashings and an emotional depth that’s far beyond her young years.
Despite her age, Tatum already knows exactly who she is, refuting any manufactured bubble-gum pop sheen in favour of telling her own authentic truth with her debut single.

“Sometimes there is poignant beauty in broken things. Broken beings have often survived a lot and have a much greater depth. I consider myself broken in many ways too and when it comes to love I prefer broken people because just like the process of purifying gold through fire, perfection for me only comes after pain and dark times, after being broken many times,” Tatum confesses when asked about the underlying narrative of her debut single.

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