Zambian Pop Artist Mwaba releases the Upbeat African hit ‘The Music Needs You’ off his brand new same titled album.

Mwaba is releasing his first album since the SAMA award nomination for “One World” in 2010. Your Music Needs You features the same titled first single ‘Your Music Needs You’ and an extra Club Remix for the festive season.

Your Music needs you is of course a pun on the World War I campaign widely used to recruit citizens to the British army. Colonies such as Zambia, then known as Northern Rhodesia carried now quite familiar posters requesting citizens to join the army over the caption “Your Country Needs You”.

In this extrapolation Mwaba is addressing the African who nowadays wants to abandon his/her music for other popular genres.

Listening to Your Music Needs You one can’t help but observe how Mwaba is an artiste with a unique infusion.

From the title song to its remix some 14 tracks later, Mwaba is different. He is actually unlike anyone you’ve heard from Algeria to Zambia. This album is an enunciation of his own sporty brand of African contemporary rhythms.

Your Music Needs you is driven by a familiar Southern-Central African rhythm. Heavy drums and a reticent bass lie beneath a jested rendering of inspired political rhetoric

Whether you are a music fan looking for a break from monotonous melodies or you are one who likes to focus on the message Your Music needs you is a must listen.

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