Franz Kafka’s masterpiece Metamorphosis highlights the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of UJ Arts & Culture’s work. Conceptualised by around 300 FADA students and performed by a stellar line-up of professionals, Metamorphosis is the story of a young man who transforms into a giant beetle-like insect overnight, becomes an object of disgrace to his family and an outsider in his own home. One of the most widely read and influential works of 20th-century fiction, Metamorphosis startles the audience with the bizarre story of a quintessentially alienated man. Kafka takes his audience on a harrowing – though absurdly comic – meditation on human feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and isolation.

Working in multidisciplinary groups, FADA students from across ten different departments in the faculty were challenged to explore the ‘other-worldly’ interpretations that this play lends itself to. The cast, featuring William Harding, Craig Morris, Khutjo Green, Ameera Patel and Jack Mabokachaba are complemented by the collaborative design of sets, costumes and animation.

The production will return to UJ Art Centre from 11 – 20 July. Tickets are now available at