Josh Middleton has been singing since the mere age of 5.
In August 2018, he released three “throwback” covers which ended up going viral on the popular social media platform, Instagram. Altogether his covers have honed over 3 Million views on Instagram.

Since the release of his first single “You Know” in November 2016, Josh has earned two Number 1 hits on radio stations across South Africa. Josh is regarded as one of the youngest artists to enter the Shazam Top 100 SA, peaking at Number 21 with his single “Monster”.

In October 2018, Josh released his debut album ‘Never Give Up’ which debuted at Number 3 on the (Pop) iTunes Top Charts.

In January 2019, he embarked on an European tour in conjunction with Sofar Sounds.

Last year we chatted to Josh upon the release of his new single from his debut album, and decided it was time to catch up

Tell me about your European tour experience:
How are the audiences/fans different there from South Africa?
“The fans weren’t actually that different, besides for a few language barriers here or there, they connected well with my music which was great. I suppose that’s all that matters. Keep in mind my music does have an international feel so it was received exceptionally well.”
Were there pivotal moments while on tour or perhaps funny moments that you would like to share?
“Besides for sleeping selfies with the team, I got to meet lots of awesome people with completely different lifestyles to mine.”
What did you learn while touring; what are you bringing back from your experience to help you grow further as a musician?
“I learned that carrying around a keyboard, a guitar and 8 suit cases (weighing in at 20 kgs each), is was pretty tough, but jokes aside, this was the first major tour experience I’ve had which has just prepared me for the next tour.”
Tell me how your song writing has changed over the last few years?
“I think as I’ve grown up I’ve experienced new things, this being said, I think my current songs are vastly different from when I was 12 / 13 years old. It’s been awesome watching my writing progress, especially because when I was 14 my voice started to break so the types of songs I wrote changed into the hits like “Monster” and “We’ll Be Talking”.”
Why was your album ‘Never Give Up’ important to you; this was your introduction to the fans – what was the concept behind it, etc?
“As you said this was kind of my introduction to my fans and the music industry. Believe it or not, I actually wrote all the tracks and had them produced and recorded by Crighton Goodwill in just under 4 weeks. I wouldn’t say it was a rushed process because the finished product is great but we had to follow up my then releases before I lost momentum. Just before my album released 3 covers of mine went viral on instagram and had over 3 million views, we were trying to use that momentum as a spin off, and it worked well.”
Can we expect any new songs, albums etc and if so, are you able to give us a taste of what to expect?
“Lets just say I need to write music that makes me unique as an artist. There are currently around 10 other teens who are releasing their own pop songs. I need to give my fans something that makes me stand out from the crowd. I’ve always had strong Alternative / R&B Soul / Ballad genre roots. I guess you’ll just have to interview me again in the next few months to find out, exciting things are coming.”

What one song of yours best defines Josh at the moment and why?
“This kind of links into the previous question, I need to find who I am as an artist, I was younger when I wrote the album and I had different views, so the next set of releases will define me the best.”

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