Artists Dr Nathani Lüneburg and Dr Liezel Lüneburg bring evocative solo exhibitions to the White River Gallery this winter.

This winter artists and sisters Dr Nathani Lüneburg and Dr Liezel Lüneburg will share the White River Gallery space, in two new, deeply reflective, and thought-provoking solo exhibitions. In a testament to the restorative powers of art, Nathani’s In Loving Memory of Loekie, and all the others and Liezel’s Imperfections will be opened by Dr Gwenneth Miller, senior lecturer, UNISA on 29 May 2021 and will run until 20 June 2021 at the White River Gallery, White River, Mpumalanga.

Nathani’s In Loving Memory of Loekie, and all the others is a multi-layered exhibition celebrating her dogs who have brought calm, solace and protection to her life. Named after her dog Loekie, who passed away shortly after lockdown, the exhibition showcases various pieces of work including 28 pen sketched portraits of all the loving dogs that have protected and supported Nathani from childhood to adulthood and a powerful stop-frame animation titled Diaphragms featuring 2613 frames exhibited in a life size cubicle which can only be occupied by one person per viewing functions as a device meant to emulate the isolation Nathani experienced during lockdown.

Dogs are credited with being man’s best friend and in the toughest times, a point of calm, and companionship. The National Lockdown at the beginning of 2020 could be described as one of the toughest times for South Africans, with financial loss, social isolation and fear taking an emotional and mental toll on so many. For Nathani the absence of human companionship led to growing fears, angst, feelings of misery, and health complications.

Liezel‘s Imperfections looks to her life-long fascination with circles and curves, as well as her personal struggle with and acknowledgement of imperfection. Liezel calls her drawings “mandalas”, in reference to the Tibetan meaning for the word “mandala” – “that which encircles a centre”. A centre in this context symbolising meaning and that which encircles it is a representation of the meaning.

Liezel employs live succulents as her medium of choice, grown in her own extensive garden. The drought resistant succulents symbolise life in abundance, hope for the future and spirited resilience and durability.

The artists grew up in White River within a family of creatives. Their artistic careers have taken unique paths and the two exhibitions provide a chronicle of their journeys. Although different in theme and nature, each exhibition fundamentally depicts wholeness and balance through the bind of childhood and the family thread.

The exhibition runs from 29 May 2021 to 30 November at the White River Gallery, White River, Mpumalanga. A walkabout will be held at the gallery on Sat 19 June 2021. All COVID 19 protocols to be followed.