Joburg Ballet is striking out in new and exciting directions, including the launch of a line of dance and fitness wear designed and produced by the dancers, management and staff of the ballet company which will be launched on 26 November.

Entitled Made to Move, the Joburg Ballet dancewear line is available from Joburg Ballet’s online shop at with proceeds going to the #SupportJoburgBallet fund to help the company through the COVID-19 crisis.

Commenting on the Made to Move line, Joburg Ballet artistic director Iain MacDonald applauded ballet mistress Lauren Slade who launched and developed the project in partnership with wardrobe mistress Yolanda Roos and the dancers of Joburg Ballet.

“This is a unique project which we don’t think any other ballet company has undertaken,” said Iain MacDonald. “Every dancer in Joburg Ballet has designed for the Made to Move label, resulting in a spectacular collection by dancers for dancers. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources, the dancers have succeeded in creating an exceptional range of dancewear.”

Ballet mistress Lauren Slade added: “At a time when our traditional, established way of connecting with our public – through live performances in the theatre – has not been available to us for most of 2020, the Made to Move project is a new way for Joburg Ballet to stay linked to the public. It has also allowed our dancers, every one of whom has designed for Made to Move, to tap into an entirely new creative process. And to give Made to Move a very personal stamp, each unique design carries the name of the dancer who created it.”

Lauren Slade praised wardrobe mistress Yolanda Roos for her “wizardry and skill in turning the dancers’ designs into truly sensational dance and fitness wear, translating their imagination into reality.”

The full range of Made to Move designs, modelled by the dancers, can be viewed in the Joburg Ballet Online Shop on the ballet company’s website at

In addition to photographs, the Shop also provides written descriptions of every item in the range, a few words from each dancer on what inspired them as well as prices, payment and delivery information.