Joburg Ballet will hold auditions for children to take part in The Nutcracker and for professional dancers to join the company on full-time or ad hoc contracts or to enrol in the Joburg Ballet Aspirant programme for 2022.

Joburg Ballet seeks South African dancers with a sound classical ballet technique; female dancers should be skilled in pointe work. Specifically, the auditions are for dancers:

To join the company’s 2022 Aspirant Programme
To fill vacancies in the company
To fill short-term contracts to take part in Joburg Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker

Auditions take place at the Joburg Ballet studios or via Zoom on Saturday 4 September from 10h00 to 12h00.

Applicants unable to audition on 4 September should contact Chase Bosch on to make alternative arrangements. Women are requested to bring pointe shoes. All applicants must bring an updated CV with recent full body photo and height in centimetres or e-mail it in advance; zoom participants to please e-mail CV.

Joburg Ballet also invites ballet and dance teachers to the Joburg Ballet studios on Thursday 26 August from 11:30 to 12:30 to learn two children’s sections from The Nutcracker. They will then go back to their students to teach and rehearse them in preparation for participation in Joburg Ballet’s production.

On Saturday 11 September at 10:00, teachers will be asked to return to Joburg Ballet with their students for a selection process which will include an assessment based on the heights of the children and their ability to fit into pre-existing costumes. Children required comprise groups of 4 boys and 4 girls ages 6/7 (girls may perform as “boys”) and group of 5 “mice” ages 5/6 (small children) who need to wear full “mouse” body costume and mask.

Participating studios will be required for rehearsals at Joburg Ballet from Wednesday 29 September and for The Nutcracker season at the Joburg Theatre from 8 to 17 October.

Interested teachers and studios are asked to contact Chase Bosch, Company Manager, Joburg Ballet on