Every Sunday afternoon at the Playhouse is Improvised Kids’ Storytime! Where kids of all ages (even the grown-up ones) come to experience a completely unique, interactive, improvised kids’ theatre performance. The children direct the actions of the actors, volunteer to help on stage, or jump up to give suggestions.

Because it’s improvised, each week sees a new and wildly imaginative story brought to life that will have the children talking all week.
Improvised Kids’ Storytime is a magical and interactive experience for children 4 – 11 years old, as well as fun and entertaining for parents.
Improvised Kids’ Storytime: Little Dahlings
Dates: Every Sunday from 19 January 2020 to 23 February 2020
Produced By The Courtyard Playhouse Suitable for ages 4 and up.
Running time: 60min

An improvised tribute to the wondrous work of Roald Dahl
Dive into the magical mind of one of the most adored children’s authors in this unique and interactive play created by you, the audience! Help Roald decide on the hero of our story, and the villains, monsters, friends and animals we will meet along the way. Expect music, singing, dancing, silliness and sumptillious adventure…whether you are a fan of greedy Augustus Gloop, musical genius Matilda or the terrible Twits, Little Dahlings will make you tickle with trepidation and churgle with laughter.
Improvised Kids’ Storytime: My Kid’s a Superhero Dates: Every Sunday from 1 March 2020-12 April 2020
Produced by The Courtyard Playhouse Suitable for ages 4 -11
Running time: 60min

Interactive fun for the whole family! In ‘My Kid’s a Superhero!’ the children create three Superheroes with special abilities, powered by the children’s favourite animals. The children guide their hero through their beginnings, surviving the obstacles of being different at school, saving the world and finally overcoming their biggest hurdle, their Villains!
‘My Kid’s a Superhero!’ will have the children talking all week about Super Chicken Boy, Giraffe Man, Goat Girl and how they saved the world!
A new and imaginative story every time!
Improvised Kids’ Storytime: The Mystery of the Toilet Monster Dates: Sunday 19 April 2020
Produced by The Courtyard Playhouse Suitable for ages 4 -11
Running time: 60min

There’s something stirring in the toilet… and it’s not a toilet brush. When an unhappy Daddy tells the silly policemen that he’s lost his little boy in the toilet, their investigation takes our heroes all the way to the Toilet Monster’s stinky lair. An improvised and interactive adventure with games, toilet roll, dancing and lots and lots of imaginative fun!
A new and imaginative story every time that will have your children talking all week.
Launching this Sunday at 12pm with ‘Little Dahlings’ An Improvised Tribute to the Wondrous Work for Roald Dahl. Bookings are at http://courtyardplayhouse-ct.com