Fuzigish was officially formed in 1997 with Jay Bones ( Jean-Pierre du Preez) on guitar and vocals, Capt. Rudabar (Mike Martin) on Drums, Alistair Crouch on Guitars & Matt ‘Loppy’ Laubscher on bass.

The group currently consist of Jay Bones – vocals/guitar, Rockwell – bass / vocals, Big Willy – trombone / vocals and Thomas Hughes – drums.

Listen to the full interview where Big Willy and Thomas chat to Bronwen Kerry on Raised on Rock on the Rockfest on MIX 93.8 FM here: https://soundcloud.com/bsharp-entertainment/fuzigish-on-raised-on-rock-12-03-2019

Read our interview here with Jay Bones: https://bsharpentertainment.africa/jay-bones-2/