FRANCOIS VAN COKE and two of the members of his solo band (Die Gevaar), Jedd Kossew and Richard Onraet have opened the doors to Van Coke Studios in Green Point, Cape Town.

The co-founders are excited about their own space where they can “work and record and also develop young up-and-coming artists, as well as work with established artists on full productions”, as Francois puts it.

Francois continues that “Richard Onraet is the head engineer and producer and Jedd Kossew and myself will be involved, if needed, in song writing and stuff like that. So, we will be able to do full productions from start to finish; songs or albums.”

Francois has been involved in recording over 15 influential albums with his various bands and can play the role as a key adviser to any artists and band’s career.

Jedd Kossew is a master of melody, guitar licks, arrangement and sound design.

Richard Onraet has been producing music since 2011 and has recorded with most of the artists he’s played for. He’s been responsible for the sound for advertisements for Ray-Ban, Virgin Active, Hyundai, Masters Milk (Australia) and Tastic, to name a few.

Van Coke Studios has hit the ground running by recording adverts, in association with Jacaranda FM, for companies such as Hitch Digital, One Day Only and 99c; voiceovers and three tracks with the artist called Dara Jazzlyn.

If anyone wants to record, they can contact Van Coke Studios at