Thrashy Melodic Death Groove Machine FORSAKING FATE Release Debut EP

Forsaking Fate hail from East London (South Africa) and was co-founded by Grant Hensburg and Rory Townes. The band is a work in progress that started in 2016 through persistence and several formations (one of them netting a South African Metal Music Award). They are a passionate live band and all about the fans and the show. They believe in performance and strive to be the best they can be as a band and as musicians!

The Forsaking Fate self-titled debut EP will be released on 11 October at Rumours Rock City with support from Deadline, Riddlebreak and Ponyride (the Cutting Jade Metal Project).

We are giving you the opportunity to be the first to hear this blistering EP below!

Listen here:

Watch the video for The End of Existence: