Sweet 16 is a 16-track live album recorded at Fokofpolisiekar’s Sweet 16 birthday party at Loftus D Field in Pretoria on 13th July 2019.

The album is available on all major digital streaming platforms from Friday, 24 January 2020, but the only way to get the CD is by ordering two Fokof Lagers at your favourite (participating) watering hole. Keep an eye on Fokof Lager’s socials to see where this promotion is run. Why two Fokof Lagers for one Sweet 16 CD? Because friends don’t let friends drink alone!

Sweet 16 is packed with songs the band wrote during their 16-year existence. It includes their old classics, all the favourites fans love and also some of the more obscure songs that are band favorites, but weren’t played in many years leading up to this birthday party.

Hunter Kennedy describes the Sweet 16 album:

“Sweet 16 Live is a collection of snippets. Pieces of insight into the lives of five losers from Bellville. It’s an audio documentary, sixteen years in, which was recorded accidentally.

The Spirit of Fokof first revealed herself in the back of a hotbox panel van in 2002. Out of an egg box-plastered band practice spot converted from a dentist’s consulting room, it broke through to this plane of existence. In makeshift bar cathedrals she manifested herself through ears and brains as lips and bodies and tears and fists.

We were there in the beginning and we tried, but we couldn’t stop it. We are the band, but YOU are Fokofpolisiekar. The words start making sense when you sing it back to us.

Thank you that we can do what we do. It changed our lives for the better. When you are done with it, give the CD to someone who needs it more than you.”


24 January – Fokofpolisiekar Live at Mercury Live, Cape Town
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31 January – Fokofpolisiekar at Platteland
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1 February – I Love Stellies Festival 2020
Venue: Van Der Stel Sports Club, Stellenbosch
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21 March – Railways Café Presents: The Good Life Festival
Venue: The Good Life venue, Centurion
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