Some of the most talented rockers in Cape Town teamed up to give new life to the late 80`s satirical album -masterpiece EET KREEF! – Johannes Kerkorrel and Die Gereformeerde Blues Band made headlines in those tumultuous years and EET KREEF! became one of the top iconic alternative Afrikaans album releases at the time.

The younger (than 80`s) generation musicians that recorded this goosebump- live-rendition of EET KREEF! are Laudo Liebenberg (aKING) – vocals, Frank Freeman – guitar and vocals, Sheldon Yoko – drums, Schalk van der Merwe – bass, Etienne van Rooyen – keyboard and Nicole Mitchell – backing vocals.

Frank Freeman, who initiated the project, explains how it all came together: “I recently rediscovered Johan-nes Kerkorrel`s music and was amazed at just how relevant these tunes still are, 30 years later. I thought it would be great to find a way to bring the past and the present together. On the one hand I wanted to re-mind people of the rich history of alternative Afrikaans music and at the same time express that there is also a wholesome future for it.”

The EET KREEF HERLEEF! shows that we did so far, showed me that people are quite emotionally attached to these songs. It made me realize that we are busy with something more than just a re-interpretation of the music, we are also re-delivering this important music from 3 decades ago, just in another time and con-text. It is evident that is it still as relevant as back then.”

“The live shows came first and when the opportunity opened up to also record the EET KREEF HERLEEF! album, we felt that it must be recorded live, with all the bandmembers playing together in a room – just like the live shows that we have been playing. We recorded the album in three days. I am very proud of what we created. What you hear is us playing and sweating, plain and honest, without too much refinement.”



EET KREEF HERLEEF! will be presented at Evita se Perron in Darling on 18 December. Look out for 2020 shows at the US Woordfees on 15 March and at Atterbury Theatre on 27 and 28 March.