Dozi celebrates more than two decades in the music industry with new album!

Dozi has released his brand-new album, VREDE that combines a collection of music that will not only make you feel nostalgic about the past, but will inspire hope for the future and make you appreciate the present. This acoustic recording will build on the winning recipe for which he is known, but will also showcase a brand-new side of his music to the public and will be released on all digital platforms on 29 May 2020.

“What makes this project unique is that it was recorded live on my farm with the help of many experienced musicians. Everyone did a brilliant job and it turned out very well,” the artist explains about the concept behind the recording process. “I decided on the title because, at this stage of my life, I am tired of everything that is not peaceful – anything that is confrontational, ugly and negative. I just want peace.”

This is Dozi’s nineteenth studio album and boasts twelve original tracks, of which three were written by the artist himself. Stef Kruger was responsible for the rest of the content and, according to the artist, he enjoyed working with this talented songwriter again. The content can mainly be described as a modern mixture of meaningful music, with a few upbeat tracks to lighten the mood. “Along with ‘Op Aanvraag’ and the ‘Mercy’ album, I consider my latest release as something that comes closest to the true Dozi sound and I look forward to sharing it with audiences. The album was made in peace, sent away in peace and now it has to make money in peace,” explains the musician. His previous album, Hande vol Genade, was well-received and sold well at shows.

Because he believes in creating music with meaning, he credits As Jy Deur Hel Gaan as one of his favourite songs on the album. “It’s a song that appeals to our current situation. I believe that when you write lyrics, it should be about something that is relevant to people’s lives,” he reveals about the song that he wrote himself.

Hits like Partykeer Somtyds (the first single released to radio), Galgtou, Dis Net Woorde and Groete are emotional tracks that promises to touch the hearts of each person that listens to it. “The reason I write music is to make the world a better place. Musicians are disciples of the world, and it is their job to make people’s souls happy. If you are unhappy and you listen to the right music, then you feel better,” he shares.

The release of VREDE will also be celebrated with a special online concert on 27 June. More information about this concert will be released soon.

The album is now available on all digital platforms here: