One of the most highly recommended live mix DJs in the country, Doowap is Khetsiwe Morgan; a British-South African Academy of Sound Engineering graduate, Radio Host (YFM), TV Host (One Mic SABC1), hair artist and DJ dabbling in Hip Hop, Electronic, Grime and Gqom in a live DJ act that includes her dancing on stage. With her ‘Mood Swings’ EP out on the 29th of November, she is now a recording artist.

Recording in English, French and Zulu to convey the message that love is it’s own language and does indeed connect us all, Doowap’s Mood Swings is full of colour, charisma and coy charm. The twinkling sounds of “Crowns” most portrays the fluctuating temperaments and identities that Doowap herself inhabits, and as the remaining tracks bound between synths, high hats and cheeky undertones, so do the many talents currently buoying Doowap’s career as one of South Africa’s most sought after acts. “ I had a very mixed heritage growing up which definitely influenced the multilingual EP.

This EP marks her growth; a follow-on progression of Doowap the multi-dimensional being, who dances, DJs, and drops original music inspired by my appreciation for the 80s and it’s multidimensional creativity. This summer, Doowap enlists the expertise of Zain, Daev Martian, Ndabz, Xplosive DJ, Mr Allofit and Koek Sista for her debut EP release, ‘Mood Swings.’

Fashioned out of her multi-faceted background, this new direction into production is led by “4cus”; the first track Daev Martian and Doowap created together, from which it was evident that they had great musical chemistry, and went on to complete the EP in its entirety.

Stream Mood Swings HERE: