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Review: Son of Hawk Album

If Oompa Loompas were real and a group of them liked rock, this would be the album that they would play as they rise up against us all!!! Son of Hawk’s self-titled, self-released debut album has been declared public. I took a...

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Review: Love Factually

I have seen quite a few Alan Committie shows and even before watching Love Factually, currently at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town, I knew I was going to love his latest work. This is not because I am swept up in a magical spell...

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Review: Sound of Music

It has been almost sixty years since the original production of The Sound of Music opened on Broadway in 1959. Since then the iconic film and countless stage productions have followed, and it’s easy to see why it has been dubbed...

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Review: Puppet Guy

He has been hailed as “the Jeff Dunham of South Africa”; the only local ventriloquist of international stature. Conrad Koch and his famous puppet, Chester Missing, have been on the scene for many years, but before continuing...

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Review: Selwyn and Gabriel

It’s 02:34am and there’s an intruder in Selwyn Aaron Bernstein’s home. Confused and in a daze he enters his kitchen to find Gabriel waiting for him. A white man facing a black man. But what has just happened? It was...

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Review: Buite Land

Whenever I go to watch a theatre piece, the first question people ask once it is finished, is “How was it?” Usually I refrain from commenting immediately; I like to mull it over and extrapolate a more personal meaning. Never has...

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Review: Manne

When a hunting weekend starts with a group of friends getting drunk, and ends with one of them being murdered, it is clear something has gone horribly wrong. Manne, presented at this year’s SU Woordfees in Stellenbosch,...

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Review: Ag, Ek Val Sommer met die Holm in die Huis

To say comedian and actress Marion Holm has a unique persona, would be a severe understatement of her colourful personality. I have watched quite a few of her shows, which all centre around her own life and the people in it, and...

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Review: Moedertaal

All drama students know that daunting feeling of being on stage, often not because people are watching and enjoying your work, but because there are a few teachers or lecturers judging your every move. At the end your...

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