The Windybrow Arts Center is excited to announce this year’s electrifying line up that will perform at the venue from the 8th to the 29th of May 2021. Africa Month festivities are of continental significance, and the Windybrow Arts Centre has entrenched itself in the community so that it can provide a diverse programming that reaches out to people in Gauteng.

In collaboration with The Market Photo Workshop, the Africa Month Festival will open with an alumni student led exhibition exploring spirituality and the arts. Ihiya is established around the Faraday Muthi Market and Kwa Mai Mai. The critical factor that drives the idea for using the market as a space of learning and teaching for visual storytellers is that the market itself carries attributes towards knowledge cultivation through combustion of a vibrant market community.

The exhibition intends to allow visual participants to experience a variation of storytelling methods, applying thought-through research development approaches and execution thereof in a collaborative way that allows for an independent individual position to emerge. The exhibition will be available for viewing at the Windybrow Arts Centre from the 8th of May to the 10th of June.

As part of the exhibition launch, the day will include a discussion around the main ideas and focus of the exhibition, the public will also be entertained by live maskandi acts and will get a chance to experience a taste of kwa Mai Mai.

In partnership with Ebukhosini Solutions, the festivities continue with a thought provoking and engaging discussion on the dynamics of the African family structure. In an era or learning and unlearning, it is important that we understand and interrogate where our current notions and systems around family come from. We question if the nuclear family structure is an African construct or one that was dictated to us through colonization? The centre invites members of the public on the 15th of May to join in the discussion as we use performance, music, and visual arts to drive the conversation.

The centre will also host on the same day a workshop for younger audiences with African Bow musician and composer Luyolo Lenga. The workshops will be a creative session where youths between the ages of 11 and 18 are invited to learn the history behind the African Bow and how it was used and is being used in African Cultures and society. In addition to the historical lessons, the youth will be taught to make the bow and how to compose their own music using the bow. The workshops will begin at 10am and will end at 3pm, parents are advised to book in advance via as space is limited.

As Africans, one of our greatest characters is our market of languages, we are known to be a continent of multilingual tongues. What would a festival celebrating the beauty of our continent be without a night of laughter in the various dialects we hold? We arrive at an African Variety Market, and on the 22 May we stop for a comic break in “South Africa”, and the goal is to celebrate the Indigenous South African Languages. We have a Multilingual host, who takes us on quirky linguistic journey by introducing a variety of Comic and Musical acts, who offer funny renditions of their craft in Mzansi tongues.

We close off the spectacular festival with a music concert celebrating the diverse sounds of the continent featuring the iconic Zulu rapper Big Zulu alongside muso Mduduzi Ncube. The concert celebrates the ways in which our languages and dialects can gel and be incorporated into various genre’s that are recognized and understood globally. The concert will take place at the Windybrow Arts Centre on the 29nd of May. Tickets will be sold via Webtickets and at the gate. Patrons are invited to come with their picnic baskets and enjoy an offering of our diverse music with their loved ones.
For further details of the Windybrow Art Centre’s Africa Month programme please visit