Avi Mack broke onto the scene with his first single entitled ‘Hold On’, after spending years behind the scenes producing for other artists.

This singer/song-writer has worked with the likes of local artists Josh Wantie and Gangs of Ballet, and is currently co-producing his upcoming EP ‘Maybe Never’ with the popular Easy Freak duo.

How did you get into music; where does this love for music come from?Avi:

“My dad loves music; different genres and is very eclectic in his music taste. So from a young age I have been exposed to this different mix of music, and growing up in Canada, I was exposed to a lot of different things. I always also wanted to play so when I was 16 years old, I picked up a guitar and learned it. after school I went to study jazz for 5 years and then went into production. I worked with Darryl Torr and a few studios. I then started writing music fro adverts and then started writing my own stuff.”

How did you choose you genre of music; you have all these music influences, you play guitar but you have chosen the Dance/House genre?

“I don’t listen to a specific genre, either I like it or I don’t. I love pop music, I love jazz, hip hop… I am also obsessed with being a robot so I like to look at music from a conceptual basis. For me, music isn’t only aural. Vocally I want to set myself a part. I think artists with longevity approach music that way. I didn’t ever think I would end of playing in the electronic space. I really love acoustic music, but naturally I end up writing 80s, synth sounds, dance…. It’s just an innate thing.”

You want to be a robot – explain?

“A lot of people have said that I am a very reserved person. I always thought I was very emtoinal. Processing emotion is difficlut . so instead of feeling things I would rather be a robot and not have to feel things. Which is an interesting ocntradiciton because feelings stuff is what makes you feel alive. My need to be a robot has aided my obsession with not wanting to make my voice sound like my voice.”

Caught Up is about a relationship – being caught up in this web? You mentioned that you didn’t realize you felt that way until you wrote this song – elaborate on this?

“I find writing cathartic. It is just me processing a lot of stuff. So for me to process properly, I need to put it into a music form. With Caught Up, everyone could see what was going on but I just couldn’t – I was just blind. I like to think of myself as very self reflective but I couldn’t see it, it was bizarre. I couldn’t get away from this person as much as I wanted to. It is that feeling that I thougth I had moved on but I hadn’t dealt with it. I call it the ‘almost relationship’ where you are there but you are not. I didn’t have closure and had to figure out how to get closure.”

You are a songwriter, musician, producer – if you could choose one role, which would it be?

“I’m a big believer in doing everything – I don’t want to have to limit myself. We have a world with so much information so if you want to learn something then you can. So this is a tough one. Writing is my first love – I just write for the sake of writing. If I could just write songs and express myself in that format, then I would. I started writing songs before I could play.”

Talk about your EP?

“The EP is called ‘Maybe, Never’. It is still based on that experience of not having closure. I tend to get stuck in my head a lot – there is a song called In My Head. I write about everything; personal things, social commentary. This EP is based on the different processes of being stuck in your head, and then trying to find closure.”

Trapped on a desert island – what album would you take with you and why?

“The 1975s – “I love it when you sleep…” that long title. I love the way he writes.”

Listen to CAUGHT UP here: https://avimack.lnk.to/CaughtUp