In the series Friends, it takes Ross & Rachel 10 seasons to finally realize they’re supposed to be together. Through all the ups and downs they finally get there. Alexandra wrote her first song more than 10 ‘seasons’ ago at the age 12 – and hasn’t stopped writing since. Some good, some not so good & some just for the diary.

The track was co-written by Jimmy Nevis overlooking his view of Table Mountain. They chatted about relationships, dates, and their mutual love of Jennifer Aniston / Rachel Green and that’s how the song was born!

“I wanted to write a song that I would want to hear on the radio while I got ready for a date – something sweet, about love, riddled with hope. After spending the day writing with Jimmy, I walked out of the apartment feeling hopeful myself.” Comments Alexandra.

On the same trip to Cape Town, Alexandra got to write a song with guitar virtuoso Loki Rothman. They loved writing together and she asked if he would produce an acoustic version of Ross & Rachel.

“We had such a blast in studio. I love walking into a room with a vision & a little bit of pixie dust, and for an artist/producer to take that vision and turn it into magic! That’s Loki summed up” she says.

Keeping with the Friends theme, the video was shot at Tribe Coffee in Woodstock by cinematographer Tyler Walker.

Alexandra loved working with Tyler as she explains, “If you happen to know Tyler Walker, then you’ll know that he is one of the coolest dudes around, and amazing to work with. I asked if he’d hop on board with this acoustic vid, and he came back with tons of enthusiasm and ideas”

Ross & Rachel was written about Alexandra & Jimmy’s love of Jennifer Anniston. So, Jen if you’re reading this, they’d love to meet you.

Watch the video here:

Ross & Rachel is available now on all digital platforms including Spotify, Deezer & Apple Music.