Pieter Toerien is delighted to announce the re-opening of his Montecasino Theatre on the 27th November!

Having weathered the Covid-19 storm, the theatre is finally ready to re-open its doors and welcome back loyal and supportive audiences.

The first show back is ALAN COMMITTIE – The LYING KING on the 27th November – just in time to celebrate 20 fantastic years at Montecasino. The 30th November marks Monte’s 20th Birthday and the day the theatre opened its doors for the first time.

The health and safety of audience members and staff is a top priority and the following Covid-19 protocols have been put in place to ensure that the theatre is a safe and healthy space for everyone – in front of and behind the curtain:

The theatre is a Covid-19 compliant venue and face masks are required to be worn at all times in the theatre. A firm “No Mask – No Entry” policy will be enforced.
ALL guests and staff are subject to a temperature check on entering the Montecasino complex.
All staff and patrons are required to observe social distancing protocols upon entry to the venue.
On arrival all patrons will be required to complete a brief Covid-19 questionnaire as part of a thorough track-and-trace process.

The venue has clearly visible sanitising stations and patrons and staff will be encouraged to sanitise their hands regularly
All bathroom areas are equipped with sanitising stations.
The box office and foyer bar/ coffee bar areas will be cash-free environments as far as possible to reduce contact and ensure safety of patrons and staff.
Patrons to be encouraged to print tickets at home or use the QR code on their phones to limit ticket contact in venue.
Auditorium doors will be opened earlier than usual to allow the smooth flow of patrons through our foyer areas and prevent any congestion and queues.
The auditorium is deep cleaned and sanitised between performances to ensure all surfaces are 100% germ-free
The auditorium Covid-19 compliant seating plan has been put together using the latest Government social distancing protocols and to ensure that audience members are seated safely within their “bubbles”. The theatre can hold a maximum of 50% of its usual capacity to ensure audience safety whilst watching a show.
Montecasino has a high-tec airconditioning system in place and this will be operating at full during each performance to ensure the healthy circulation of fresh air
All dressing room and backstage areas are equipped with sanitising stations and are cleaned between shows.
All performers are required to wear masks when they come off stage and to observe social distancing protocols within dressing rooms and backstage areas.
There will be no gatherings after the show at Stage Door or in the foyer areas, and audience members and staff are all encouraged to leave the theatre space as quickly as possible once the show has ended.


Once again, he will take a slightly skewered look at events from the past year, outline the comically bizarre possibilities for the following 12 months and try to make audiences laugh their way through the eye-popping confusion of modern day living.

We live in a world that thrives on mistruths, fake news, white lies and ‘mild inconsistencies“… and that’s just on your first date! Wait till you really get to know each other!

We have all become Lying Kings in our own little way. Despite our best efforts to fight it. Committie is here to unpack all the hilarious collatoral damage that we have to encounter.

In this brand new solo show, Committie will talk about intermittent fasting, Heidi en Klara and other 80’s tv deceits, the frustration of autocorrect, the lure of the finger biscuit and the spectacle of wearing glasses…..Or perhaps not talk about any of these things. Because December is some days away and things are moving very fast……

Committie is renowned for his witty and high energy material and combined with his madcap physicality and clean content makes for an ideal year-end break from all the stresses of 2020

Bring your youngsters, bring your aged and even bring your neighbour and come and have a riotous laugh and a gleeful giggle at Montecasino.

Plus, if you’re lucky, Committie will perform the entire opening sequence of the Lion King by himself playing all the animals except for the Kwagga (for legal reasons)….


Directed by Christopher Weare.

Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre

27 Nov – 6 Dec only

Performances Wed – Fri @ 8pm, Sat @ 4pm & 8pm, Sun @ 3pm

Tickets R150 to R220

Bookings at Computicket.