ADV is a multi-instrumentalist who grew up on all types of music from Elvis to The Doors, Depeche Mode to Nirvana…

“From a young age, I would stand in front of the record player. I felt a connection with music. I don’t just listen to it, I analyse it, I feel it. It started from there.” Says ADV

At the age of 12 years old, he joined his first band, and from there began his journey with music; fronting local hard rock act Haiven, drumming for Bob & The Banned and then becoming a certified sound engineer.

Eventually the time came, and ADV decided to go solo; he picked up the guitar, wrote songs and recorded them.

Explain why you decided to leave the band life and go solo?
“When you are in a band, it is not just about your vision. I may have left because of creative differences. I am a little bit pedantic when it comes to music. I prefer being on my mind; I can do what I want, play the way I want to and so I think it is better for me.”

How did you find your sound/voice?
“Even when you are in a band it comes down to what you listen to and what you are going for. For me it was all about a whole repertoire of music I have been listening to my whole life. I guess it came naturally and this is the sound I am comfortable with. It feels right.”

You have released four track; take me through your songwriting – all 4 tracks are quite different?
“A lot of artists who are signed to labels usually stick to formulas that work. I get that but for me, if you are an artist, you can pick up a guitar and write different things, to express what you feel at the moment. I don’t force myself to stick to a formula. I write what I feel is right.”

Which one of your songs best describes you at the moment?
“It is difficult but at the moment from my 4 releases, the one I would pick is ‘Dead End Town’ which was my first release. It is so different compared to my other stuff. It seems more people enjoy that one the most as well.”

You will be releasing a new EP next year, tell me about that?
“It is crucial because this is my first EP. I am unknown so I really want to make an impression. It will be released in March. I want to write 4 or 5 songs which make a statement. Invasion of the Masses is the title of the EP. The art work will be quite themed – full of TV screens with my face on those screens. I want to make a statement that I am here and I want to write the best music I can. It is coming out the 3rd of March.”

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be with and why?
“I am quite open – I would love to collaborate with Bruno Mars, because of his funk sound.
Jerry Cantrell is the songwriter for Alice in Chains and he made a huge impact on me for their huge harmonies, so I think I would love to work with him as well.”

If you were trapped on a desert island and could only take one album with you, what would it be and why?
“Metallica and the album ‘And Justice For All’. They are one of my favourite bands. The songs are also very long and so that will keep me company.”

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