It has been a year since South Africa’s favourite male pop group, ADAM (Hugo Ludik, Kyle Grant and Christoff de Beer), announced that they are back together and they have decided to celebrate twelve months of excitement and success with the release of a brand-new single!

is a catchy pop song, written and produced by Hugo Ludik, that invites you to sing along and tells fans how special they are.

“It is about someone who has been in a relationship for a while and realizes that he never tells his partner how special she is,”
explains Hugo. “I wrote this because I struggled to express my feelings and say: ‘I love you’ when I was younger. It has become easier over the years and now I make a point of telling my wife how much I love her and how special she is to me.

According to the musician and producer, the purpose of the song is to give hope in these difficult times where young people are struggling with self-esteem problems and mental health issues and to make them realize that everyone is unique and special and that a person’s true value is not determined by how many followers he/ she has on social media.

FLIPPEN SKAARS is the group’s fourth single in its current format and follows in the footsteps of gems like Liefde Is, Come Again and Pa se Hand, which were all extremely well received and charted on several radio stations.

“The three of us work incredibly well together. Christoff is an amazing musician and songwriter. He wrote our next single, which will be released early next year. Being in ADAM is like being able to make music with your brothers/ best friends. A great privilege,”
Hugo shares.

ADAM has been making waves in the Afrikaans Music Industry since 2011 and has produced several gold status albums and numerous radio hits.

Their energetic stage presence, unique sound and catchy lyrics have resonated with audiences from the get-go and have also secured them slots at some of the country’s most sought-after festivals and functions.

The trio reveals that they are currently recording new songs for next year and plans on doing as much live performances as possible over the next few months.

FLIPPEN SKAARS is a feel-good song with an inspirational message and is now available on all digital platforms.

Download it here: